‘Meiji’ Period Mythological Incense

In Japan this type of utensil is called Koro and was used for incensing frankincense, especially was favorite during tea drinking ceremonies.
This particular set represents Meiji period. Meiji epoch (jap. 明治時代 Meiji jidai) is Japan historical period during 1868-1912 – when Japan was ruled by the emperor Meiji Tenno. At that time were made a lot of reforms which
marked period with modernization and westernization of the country.
Around 1000 BC there were started using boxes of incense by ruling Zhou dynasty in China. In many world cultures incensing has a religious or spiritual meaning, there is believed in flavoring healing qualities and it is showing in some products design and decoration.
This particular incense utensil is decorated with authentic Japanese symbolic – “shachihoko” – Japanese mythological animal with tiger's head and carp's body. There was believed that “shachihoko” could summon rain and he protected buildings from fires.

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Product Description

PERIOD – The Second Part Of 19th Century
HEIGHT – 71 cm/ 27,95 in

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