‘Hung Hei’ Large Porcelain Vase

For many China associates with law quality, massive production items, however, at this point we can not forget the history and all discoveries that reached us from this particular country.
Porcelain is the most valuable ceramic form which was invented in China around 1st-2nd centuries during period of East Han dynasty. 'Hung Hei' is a famous China porcelain manufacturer whose production is highly valued and favorite due to high quality in all the world. Until these days in this company there work only qualified production masters, designers, technicians. Hand paintings make every single item unique. These chinaware is arranged with copper, brass, cast iron peaces which give even more originality and have already become earmark of 'Hung Hei'.
This porcelain vase has an amphora’s form with cover of brass decorated with relief acanthus leafs and cone in the top. Amphora is a ceramic dish with two handles and used for transmitting perishable liquids and friable products, sometimes for holding ashes of a deceased. Many amphoras had sharp bottoms that could have been stick into sand or ground. Amphoros with flat bottoms were used for domestic usage.
This particular vase is made from highest quality porcelain with peaces of bronze. It is covered with white enamel, decorated with colorful, herbal compositions with the couple of doves in the middle. Dove is a symbol of calmness, peace, innocence, purity, love and loyalty. Two doves mean the happiness and dedication of married people. Rococo style pedestal is decorated with acanthus leafs, rosettes, reliefs ornamentation and geometrical decor elements. The top is beautified with massive bronze garland.

  • Description

Product Description

PERIOD – 20th Century
MATERIAL – Brass, Bronze, Porcelain
HEIGHT – 1,48 m/ 4 ft 10 17/64 in

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