• $1.900.00

    !!!1840s English The Holy Bible!!!

    Original, older than 150 years, English edition bible includes The New and The Old Testaments. The editor of bible – theologian John Brown, it was released by “N.Berry and Company”. The bible has colored and uncolored pictures. The cover is made from leather.

  • $2.650.00

    ’19th Century Napoleon Great Army’s Sword

    This type of swords prototype was Renaissance rapiers. During 17th – 18th centuries these swords were very popular, originated in France, promptly spreed all around the Europe. They were used not just like weapons but to grace of lightness and shorter blades in 18th century these swords were also wore as accessories or for emphasizing status. Later, they were used in First and Second World Wars.
    This particular sword has 19th century's Napoleon (France) Great Army's emblem – eagle squat on lightning. In the bottom of blade there are etched initials.

  • $1.400.00

    ’19th Century Walking Stick

    These kind of decorative walking stick appeared in 16th century. Similar sticks used to be very popular in USA, as well. ALso, they were popular as gifts, even president Benjamin Franklin and George Washington usually had been gifted by them.
    This particular stick is made from black wood, the end and handle are silver. Handle is swan's neck form decorated with relief herbal composition. In the central part there is carved monogram – like a sign of personal property.

  • $650.00

    ‘Remington and Sons’ No. 12 Typewriter with Noise Reduction Function, 1922

    After the first showing of typewriter in the market in 1860, this device became the main writing/ typing tool in the world. They were used by professional writers, businessmen or private persons.
    E. Remington and Sons had become the most famous typewriters manufacturer. This No. 12 standard model had showed up in market in 1922 and already reached the peak of popularity. This is the first model which has the noise reduction function and enclosed in a housing which saves device from dusts and other weightlessness.

  • $2.200.00

    “Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium” Indian Swing

    “Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium” was established in 1973. This company’s aim is to refresh the old culture of India by producing authentic traditional Indian ware. Indian art ware usually have very complex constructions and ornamentation but this company’s artisans make items by hands.
    This particular Indian swing’s construction was used for ages. The swing is covered with black and gold colors geometrical compositions.

  • $2.500.00

    “MARTIN/ BT DES ITALIENS 27” Louis XVI Style Mantel Clock

    Luxurious clock with original 19th century's mechanism is decorated with low, zoomorphic legs. The corps has variety of classical style decorations: in sides, there are heads of lions – the symbol of power, in the center, there is Antiquity female busts, in the top – crater-shaped ancient vessel – a vase.
    At the ruling of France Emperor Napoleon III time prevailed style was called Napoleon III style or Second Empire. This style, as well as Napoleon Bonaparte era empire, leaned on Renaissance principles, so sometimes it can be called “revival of Renaissance” or “Neo-Renaissance”. This style distinguish itself with monumental, the aspiration of huge, bright forms, rich compositions, its' base – the Greek and Roman-style features Antiquity's architectural details.

  • $1.200.00

    “Rifled Infantry Musket” Bayonet, 1866-1874

    These kind of bayonets had been made since 1866 until 1874, later they were changed 1874/80 Gras rifle bayonet. The handle is made from linen brass, the blade – from steal and has yatagan form.

  • $1.950.00

    1860 English The Holy Bible

    Original, English edition the Holy Bible includes “The New and The Old Testaments” was released in 1860 by “Thorne and Co” press. The Bible has dark brown leather cover with bronze edges and decorated with openwork and relief ornamentation. It is illustrated with colored and uncolored pictures of traditional biblical images.

  • $1.900.00

    1866 English The Holy Bible

    Original English the Holy Bible includes The New and The Old Testaments and was published in 1866 by “The British and Foreign Bible Society”. It has original black natural leather cover and is illustrated with uncolored engravings of pictures of saints and their lives.