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  • $1.900.00

    !!!1840s English The Holy Bible!!!

    Original, older than 150 years, English edition bible includes The New and The Old Testaments. The editor of bible – theologian John Brown, it was released by “N.Berry and Company”. The bible has colored and uncolored pictures. The cover is made from leather.

  • $8.900.00

    !!!20th Century Neo-Baroque Three Part Upholstered Furniture Set!!!

    Three part upholstered furniture set includes two armchairs and one three-seat settee. Furniture design is exclusive luxurious, the carcasses are decorated with precise, handmade baroque style carvings. The legs are low, cabriole type. In decor, there dominates ornamentations of shells, volutes and acanthus leaves. Volute (lot. voluta – scroll) is a spiral, scroll-like ornament that forms the basis of the Ionic order, mostly used in Antiquity architecture. Acanthus – in Mediterranean countries common plant, stylized acanthus leaves and flowers form a decorative architectural element. Furniture is covered with splendid jacquard fabric which is beautified with herbal and geometrical decor elements.
    Neo-baroque is historical architecture period that is officially assigned to Baroque and sometimes is called 'a revival of Baroque' cause there dominates primary Baroque characteristic features. Baroque (it. barocco) is epoch of culture and direction of art during 17th and first part of 18th centuries which spread in Europe and Latin America. This period highlights with variety of individual styles: there were exposed every culture's individual style, distinctive character. Precise stylized ornamentation, luxury, material abundance and variety of curl shapes – all this baroque accents.

  • $7.500.00

    !!!Neo-Rococo Style Leather Dining-Room Furniture Set!!!

    Massive design, luxurious, Neo-rococo sitting-room's furniture set includes tree-seat settee, two armchairs and coffee table. Furniture carcass is made from beech wood. This type of wood distinguish itself with solidity and resistance to environmental factors and different technical violations. The carcasses are decorated with rococo style relief carves, backrests – with stylized wings on the sides and beautified with massive rococo style compositions. The armrests are wide, profiled to outside. The legs of furniture are straight, quadrangle form.Table top is made from natural reddish marble.
    Neo-rococo style appeared from baroque but it took rococo style's graceful forms, variety of herbal ornamentation, decoration techniques and elements. So, it become lighter and more playful.

  • $2.650.00

    ’19th Century Napoleon Great Army’s Sword

    This type of swords prototype was Renaissance rapiers. During 17th – 18th centuries these swords were very popular, originated in France, promptly spreed all around the Europe. They were used not just like weapons but to grace of lightness and shorter blades in 18th century these swords were also wore as accessories or for emphasizing status. Later, they were used in First and Second World Wars.
    This particular sword has 19th century's Napoleon (France) Great Army's emblem – eagle squat on lightning. In the bottom of blade there are etched initials.

  • $1.400.00

    ’19th Century Walking Stick

    These kind of decorative walking stick appeared in 16th century. Similar sticks used to be very popular in USA, as well. ALso, they were popular as gifts, even president Benjamin Franklin and George Washington usually had been gifted by them.
    This particular stick is made from black wood, the end and handle are silver. Handle is swan's neck form decorated with relief herbal composition. In the central part there is carved monogram – like a sign of personal property.

  • $3.600.00

    ‘Hung Hei’ Large Porcelain Vase

    For many China associates with law quality, massive production items, however, at this point we can not forget the history and all discoveries that reached us from this particular country.
    Porcelain is the most valuable ceramic form which was invented in China around 1st-2nd centuries during period of East Han dynasty. 'Hung Hei' is a famous China porcelain manufacturer whose production is highly valued and favorite due to high quality in all the world. Until these days in this company there work only qualified production masters, designers, technicians. Hand paintings make every single item unique. These chinaware is arranged with copper, brass, cast iron peaces which give even more originality and have already become earmark of 'Hung Hei'.
    This porcelain vase has an amphora’s form with cover of brass decorated with relief acanthus leafs and cone in the top. Amphora is a ceramic dish with two handles and used for transmitting perishable liquids and friable products, sometimes for holding ashes of a deceased. Many amphoras had sharp bottoms that could have been stick into sand or ground. Amphoros with flat bottoms were used for domestic usage.
    This particular vase is made from highest quality porcelain with peaces of bronze. It is covered with white enamel, decorated with colorful, herbal compositions with the couple of doves in the middle. Dove is a symbol of calmness, peace, innocence, purity, love and loyalty. Two doves mean the happiness and dedication of married people. Rococo style pedestal is decorated with acanthus leafs, rosettes, reliefs ornamentation and geometrical decor elements. The top is beautified with massive bronze garland.

  • $3.450.00

    ‘Meiji’ Period Mythological Incense

    In Japan this type of utensil is called Koro and was used for incensing frankincense, especially was favorite during tea drinking ceremonies.
    This particular set represents Meiji period. Meiji epoch (jap. 明治時代 Meiji jidai) is Japan historical period during 1868-1912 – when Japan was ruled by the emperor Meiji Tenno. At that time were made a lot of reforms which
    marked period with modernization and westernization of the country.
    Around 1000 BC there were started using boxes of incense by ruling Zhou dynasty in China. In many world cultures incensing has a religious or spiritual meaning, there is believed in flavoring healing qualities and it is showing in some products design and decoration.
    This particular incense utensil is decorated with authentic Japanese symbolic – “shachihoko” – Japanese mythological animal with tiger's head and carp's body. There was believed that “shachihoko” could summon rain and he protected buildings from fires.

  • $650.00

    ‘Remington and Sons’ No. 12 Typewriter with Noise Reduction Function, 1922

    After the first showing of typewriter in the market in 1860, this device became the main writing/ typing tool in the world. They were used by professional writers, businessmen or private persons.
    E. Remington and Sons had become the most famous typewriters manufacturer. This No. 12 standard model had showed up in market in 1922 and already reached the peak of popularity. This is the first model which has the noise reduction function and enclosed in a housing which saves device from dusts and other weightlessness.

  • $1.900.00

    “Bacchus and Venus” Authorized Oil Painting, 1844, Without Frames

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